Corgis Explain: How to Use a Lightwell!

Good day. I am professor Beaker and as part of my community service for eating a stinkbug and throwing up on the couch I am obligated to do this public service post. I bet you all hoped this would be a beta update, didn’t you? Well I should say not. This is corgi island, after all. Beta posts will no doubt resume once my jailor – erm I mean owner – collects more info to post.

My research assistant Little Bit and I have put together a short presentation on a topic that most WoW players seem to struggle with: Using a Lightwell. In the hopes of bettering the community we hope this short slideshow assists those who may be confused about the functionality of this spell. Dim the lights, get out your notepad – you will be quizzed on this later!

Simple, isn’t it? Well, I daresay this presentation couldn’t have gone any better. I hope that with this, more players will come to understand how to utilize the well so that holy priests don’t feel like they’re barking into the wind every time they drop one.

I’ll count this as community service time served. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I see a cricket just begging to be smooshed into the carpet. I’ll let my research assistant Little Bit wrap this up.

Little Bit?

Erf…Little Bit?

Oh. Quite.


Love is in the Air~

Happy early Valentine’s Day/Love is in the Air people! As a single person, I’m supposed to celebrate single awareness day or whatever thing we tell ourselves to feel better these days. The reality of my situation, though, is illustrated below:


It’s true! Thankfully if I couldn’t laugh at myself I’d be a miserable, miserable person. And I doubt I’m the only one that’s so incredibly hypocritical like this on V-day.

But you know what? The important thing is that we get CANDY. Even if we have to sneakily go into the grocery store and buy it ourselves.



Why no, these are for my boyfriend uuh…Stan…Markstonworthingtonshire. He’s uh. In Europe. Yeeeah. Just gimme the damned snickers!