About this blog

Despite its name I primarily intend to use this blog as a place to make posts about World of Warcraft. My feelings about WoW are about as eclectic as my mind so expect topics to jump all over the place. I also occasionally will add art to posts, so make sure your eyes are prepped to bleed when viewing. I do record videos as well, but usually after having them public for about a week I become incredibly ashamed of the sound of my voice and make them private. So catch them while you can.

About Me

I am an incredibly goofy person who has been playing World of Warcraft since December of 2004. My original character was a troll shaman named Amalythia. I played her through the middle of TBC, then switched to a draenei mage. At the tail end of WoTLK and throughout Cataclysm I have played a draenei-then-worgen-then pandaren priest named Gloria. As of WoD, I’ll be playing my now un-retired and boosted shaman Amalythia again.

I raided extensively in vanilla, TBC, and WoTLK. In cataclysm I hung up my raiding pants and settled into retirement to play with friends on Cenarion Circle and Medivh. I may yet raid again someday, but my current lifestyle of going to bed like an old lady (AKA before 10pm) makes it a little difficult.

Throughout my years of playing I have regularly posted on the WoW forums. I’ve participated in testing and my original Death Knight, Harmony, was put into the flavor text item the DKs of Acherus. A couple years ago I was asked to join the MVP (Most Valuable Poster) program on the official WoW forums. I was posting on my warlock Alona as I had originally intended on making her my main for cataclysm, but instead I un-retired my priest and by the time I had, Alona had wracked up a ton of posts to her name so I chose to continue posting under that character. I retired from the MVP program in January of 2014.

I currently have a tumblrand a twitter account. Both of which are awful.

I also own TWO fabulous little corgis and foster for a nearby corgi rescue as well. Obviously these wonderful dogs were the inspiration for my blog name, so don’t be surprised if corgi related things crop up every now and then. I also own an elderly shiba that is mostly deaf and blind and bumps into things a lot. I love them with all of my heart.