Walking away from Legion’s Loss of Control

I have been in a crummy mood for the last few weeks. Snapping, whining, venting, it’s been ugly. Part of it has been life, and part of it has been WoW. WoW’s become an increasing part of my life again and I think it’s been a bit detrimental.

I realized tonight that part of my issue with this expansion is that I have very little control over getting the things I want. Can I farm AP for the artifact traits I want? Yes, but it’s going to take either 2384289 mythic+ runs or waiting 5 days for more artifact knowledge.

I have no control over the drops I get. In previous expansions it was just a matter of ‘meh whatever, maybe next week’ but this expansion has warforged, titanforged, and most infamously – legendaries. None of which a player has any control over. You get what you get based on RNG.

The mounts I want are in the new caches from the extra rep and those are also random. I don’t want to grind for more rep so I figured I’d let it happen organically but knowing that the mounts I want are tied to more RNG on top of another rep grind really is not motivating.

I want flying too but that’s tied to another rep grind and achievements based on cycling events.

I want my new artifact appearance but it’s tied to a super buggy scenario that I wasted a lot of attempts on thanks to the feign death bug. That’s at least a matter of ‘when’ than ‘if’ but still.

Even things like the dungeon achievements are tied to random stuff – AKA which boss is going to be up in violet hold that week.

And relics? How bout those.

Plus I feel like BM hunters have been fighting to at least be relevant in content given all the bugs. And swapping specs/characters is not as easy nowadays what with, well, everything. But the pet AI, hati, etc. The legendaries. It just all remains the same.

I feel like I have very, very little control over the progression of my character this expansion. And that sucks, because I am all about working for things that I want. These two attitudes have come to a complete head and I think it was boiling under the surface and that’s what made me so nasty these last few weeks.

In order to continue to enjoy the game I think I need to let go of the idea of having any control over the progression of my character and getting the things I want. Which is a shame, but that’s the long and short of it. I have a feeling other folks have been wrestling with the same thoughts I have. If you couldn’t put it properly to words, I hope this blog entry helps.

Ultimately I love WoW but maybe a little TOO much right now and that’s bad. I do like the raids, and m+ are like my favorite thing ever. Plus pet battling is fun, even though the tamers fit the theme of the expansion and are on a completely random rotation.

I definitely understand the need for prolonged content, but I think this expansion’s treatment of it may have been taken a little too far. In the end it’s just kind of slowly pushing me away.

So this blog entry is just me saying my peace, pretty much. It reminds me of when I stopped hardcore raiding. I had to let go of the mentality of being ‘the best.’ And so I focused on more casual ways to progress my character. Now those casual options are also either really grindy or based more on RNG than effort put in so I’m at an impasse. The content itself is really neat. It’s just weird to have these shiny grapes hanging on a branch just out of your reach and every time you jump for it, it’s a 40% chance the branch will be pulled away by a racoon, a 20% chance the tree will be struck by lightning and fall on you, a 30% chance you’ll fall down and hurt yourself, and another 30% chance you might actually be able to grab them.

There is, of course, the matter of eventualities. Eventually you’ll have enough artifact knowledge to make a dent in more of your traits. Eventually you’ll get lucky with your gear. etc. etc. But sometimes having to wait for something means you lose interest in it by a certain point. Or you just get angry. So angry.

I feel sad but also a little relieved that I’ve realized this. I’m only ashamed it took me so long. Hopefully now I can change my attitude and start being more positive again.


2 thoughts on “Walking away from Legion’s Loss of Control

  1. very well said. I went from wanting to get in on the raids at the end of Draenor, I know crazy talk, to feeling so inadequate as a player that I rarely want to participate in any group content with the guild. TO go from having more choice as to how to play, specs have been narrow focused to having to be played a certain way or, go play something else. I am still putzing around, but not really doing all that much productively. More like just working through by shear force of will.

  2. I have done the same as you and tried to take a step back from the RNG on top of RNG. I just refuse to buy into it. I do things in the game, have fun with friends, and if I don’t get the BiS, or the mount, whatever. I don’t even look at the BiS lists anymore. It’s frustrating though because I always used to play like that, and the people I play with still do. When I get a legendary or whatever I get people in chat saying “oh I’m SO sorry” like it’s a tragedy and I should be upset.

    The only thing I’m upset about is that I can’t keep up with players on my skill level if they have that BiS legendary. It makes such a huge difference sometimes and I feel like it shouldn’t, since we have no reasonable control over obtaining the items.

    And it sucks when you have a really dedicated guild because you can’t keep up AP-wise with them if you don’t buy into the “must exhaust every WQ, every lockout, and every dice roll available weekly”. I’m not a gambler, but it feels like they are trying to make us one more than ever before. I was a slave to the game in classic and I won’t be again.

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