Pet Battle Leveling – The Quick and Somewhat Easy Way!

****THIS GUIDE IS CURRENTLY OUTDATED! Please see my updated guide for more up to date information!!****

Hey again everyone! I’m planning on doing a general pet battle guide to help newbies to the system out but I figured I’d go ahead and get this leveling guide out of the way since quite a few people have been asking about speedy ways to level your pets!

There is a method besides the plain old “battle pets 1-2 levels above you and patiently earn your exp” that is bonkers good and requires a bit of luck at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll get getting your pet leveling achievements in no time. It doesn’t involve any shady tactics, and since there’s no exp share or ability to switch between pets after victories in PVP battles – I figured I would share this method with everyone.

It’s important to note before I get started that for this method you MUST have at least two pets to level 25 already. If you’ve already done a bit of battling and pet trainer achievements, this probably isn’t an issue for you. If you DON’T have two level 25 pets yet, your best bet is to stick to the tried and true wild pet grinding method. On to the guide!

Starting with a level 1 pet

If you are starting with a level 1 pet you’ll want to head out to an area in Pandaria with level 23-24 pets, preferably turtles or frogs. The areas in jade forest are great for this as they’re full of emerald turtles and valley frogs. The idea is to fight a level 23-24 wild pet that has a defensive/non-damaging move in its rotation. The frogs have a tranquility move and the turtles have a shell shield move. Neither of these moves do damage.

Place your level 1 at the front of your party with your two level 25s with it. Engage in battle with a turtle or a frog. It’s important to note that in order for your pet to get exp from the battle it MUST do an attack before being switched out. This is where the defensive enemy moves come into play. Your level 1 pet will always go second, but with luck the turtle/frog will use one of its defensive moves and not do any damage. After your level 1 pet does its initial hit, immediately swap it out with one of your level 25s. Kill off the enemy pet party and enjoy as your level 1 pet gains 400+ exp in a single fight. This usually pushes them to around level 4.

If you get unlucky and the turtle/frog attacks and KOs your first pet, no big deal. Forfeit the fight and head to a stable master to heal up and try again. This method is a lot easier with mechanical and magic pets because mechanicals come back to life after being KOed, and magic pets cannot be dealt more than 50% of their HP in a single hit.

Once your pet is level 4+, it can easily take a hit from a level 23-24 enemy so your job just got a lot easier. Rinse and repeat this method until around level 14-15.

If you’re going for the “no favorites” achievement (level a pet of each family to level 10) this is your best way of doing it. It’s also a good way to get a few levels on a pet to see if its stats are going to be decent.

Level 14+

So now your pet is higher level and we can switch things up a bit. The leveling method gets a tad bit more time consuming at this point, but it still beats hours of grinding on lower level wild pets.

At this point you want to switch one of your level 25s with your lower level pet. At this point you don’t really need to be fighting any specific wild pets, but you’ll probably want to try and stay away from the ones that are strong against the one you’re trying to level either way. As always, make sure you’re near a stable master for quicker healing after fights.

Engage a wild pet and use your level 25 to kill off the first two enemies. Once you get to the third enemy, use lower damage skills to whittle its health down to around 200-100ish HP. It’s easier if you try to avoid fighting pets that have healing abilities as well.

At this point you’re going to want to just keep using the pass button to pass up your turns and let your level 25 pet die. Cruel, I know, but it’s for the benefit of the team. Once your level 25 pet kicks the bucket – send in your lower level pet. Even at level 14ish it should have a move that deals 100+ damage, and it should be able to survive a couple of turns in case you miss. Spam that damage move and hopefully the last enemy pet will die. Marvel and enjoy as your lower level pet reaps the benefits of ALL of the exp from the enemy team since your first pet died. In level 23-24 pet battles against common/rare pets, this is usually 800+ exp.

Here’s a quick video I did to show this method in action and also prove it works. (Make sure you flip it to 480 quality so it’s easier to see!)

So now that you know the technique, enjoy powerleveling your pets. πŸ™‚ A more in depth pet battling guide will be coming soon!

5 thoughts on “Pet Battle Leveling – The Quick and Somewhat Easy Way!

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  2. You don’t need to let your level 25 battle pet die. Why? Because it is at max level. So whether it dies or not doesn’t change how much experience the pet you are trying to level will earn.

    My technique is to put your low level battle pet in Slot #1 so that it comes out in the beginning of the fight. Then all you have to do is use one of your battle pets moves 1 time and then you may switch it out and send in your level 25. Your battle pet will get full credit for the kill and will get all of the experience for it as well.

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