Things To Do Before Mists

With Mists of Pandaria right around the corner I’ve been struggling to get certain things done before it releases. I hit my “end of expansion” lull and just stopped logging in except to raid and occasionally run for transmog gear. I doubt I’m alone in this. After watching the beta forums and blue posts it’s become clear that MoP is on its way sooner than people might think. In the past I’ve usually been woefully under-prepared for new expansion launches, so this time I’m being proactive and trying to get certain things done before launch.

I figured I would share my goals here to help people who may have also fallen into the lull get motivated to start prepping for the expansion. The things I’m doing to prepare are:

1) Level my fishing skill to max.

Okay, have you ever tried leveling fishing? It’s awful. It’s almost as bad as archaeology except there’s less flying all over the continents. But that’s partially the point. As someone who previously raided fairly frequently and never leveled fishing, I usually found myself having to shell out the money for food/fish I was too lazy to farm up myself.

Bingo. Goldmine.

So my goal is to cash in on people who were like me and fish, fish, FISH come mists. Oh you need buff food? Gold first, eats later. Mahahaha!

Given the cyclical nature of expansions, the first few months where people are struggling to level themselves and their crafting skills up are the best time to make money if you’re on top of things.Since fishing is absolutely abysmally slow and tedious to level, very few people worry with it first. And that’s what I’m counting on.

2) Farm up any remaining vanity pets I want.

With pet battles and a new pet capture/training mechanic on the horizon, I’m doing my best to farm up pets the only way I know how. I’m not good with change, so the longer I can get pets the way I’m used to – the better.

It’s even better if you farm up multiple pets, because I’m guessing that once the expansion has a release date there will be a scramble for people to try and buy/farm the pets they want. Pets like the red, blue, and green whelplings have always been popular and high priced, so if you can stand the tedium of farming it might be worthwhile to get out there and get some.

3) Level cooking to max

This one goes along the same lines as the fishing leveling. If something is tedious to do, the bets are good that some will be too lazy to do it. And those people are the ones you make money off of with buff foods.

4) Farm up some rare mounts.

Gonna just let the picture speak for itself on this one.

5) Level my alts.

Leveling alts before an expansion is always a great idea because it helps you access more tradeskills. With mounts and pets going accountbound in MOP now is a really great time to get started on leveling your new fun projects. Especially since most people don’t have anything left to spend their points on. Heirlooms are awesome, and you can always grab a few for any potential monks or pandas you’re thinking of leveling!

Welp, that’s it from me for now. What are you guys doing to prepare for Mists?


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