MoP Beta – Much Ado About Priests

This post isn’t going to be as intensive as the other one. True to the words of Kaivax, it’s clear that priests are still being majorly worked on. As you can see from the talent tree, two talents – one of which is vampiric dominance – are missing. Also, several talents have had their spots moved around on the trees. *eyes void shift and divine star* Void shift is now on the same tier as angelic bulwark, which means that my idea of using void shift and then having angelic bulwark play off it and auto heal if you dip below 30% HP is out the window and into the trash.

I went out and gave void tendrils a test with a friend of mine and they do work! Here’s them in action!

Psyfiend also works. It’s essentially a stationary fearing totem.

Void shift is also functioning in game. The terminology for it has changed. Once you use it, it automatically heals whichever person has the lower HP after use. So it would either be you if you swapped your higher HP with a lower HP target, or the lower HP target if you swapped for higher HP.

A new, smaller change is that you can pick which chakra form you’d like to go into and it’ll automatically set you into it. No more accidentally triggering the wrong form with the wrong spell.

And without further ado – what you all were no doubt hoping I would show all along. Here’s me using the BEST TALENT IN THE WORLD – PATH OF THE DEVOUT!

Yes. That’s it. That’s all it does. And yes, levitate still falls off with damage.

However, I can tell from the talent trees that priests are nowhere near finite at this point, unlike certain other classes. *stares over at druids* Our glyphs aren’t that much different either. I wanted to test some shadow and disc stuff but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change disciplines. My talents reset every time I activate my other talent spec (not sure if this is intended) but I can’t seem to switch to shadow or disc on either spec. Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, I hope to really get into dungeons to start testing these things. Oh exp bar, how I did not miss you.

Again, if you have any requests for things you’d like to see, let me know! I do have a level 85 druid but most of the druid changes have been highlighted by other blogs.


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