Pet Battle Teams – The Wit Behind the Warfare

One of the features of Mists of Pandaria that I’m most excited about is the pet battling system. I’ve been a fan of games like Pokemon, Monster Rancher, DragonQuest Monsters, etc. for EVER. I am not ashamed to admit it, either. As someone who wasn’t allowed to have pets as a kid (besides a horrible parrot and a fish tank – but that’s a story for a later time) I grew to love playing with my littlest pet shops, tamagotchis, etc. as a substitute. Thankfully I never had a Furby. Those things were creepy.

Anyway – games like pokemon catered to my love of pets and also turn based RPGs. Monster Rancher took it a step further and allowed me to actually train and cultivate the monsters I loved in a more detailed way. I think that for all the people who dislike the new pet battle feature as they think it’s too childish, there are multitudes of people like me out there who are really looking forward to it.

To help pass the time while I wait for the MoP beta and my chance to hands-on test the pet battling system, I’ve been coming up with different teams of pets. From the Blizzcon pics and the preview page it looks like, for now, characters will have 3 pet slots available on their pet battling teams. Hopefully characters will be able to have more than one team at a given time, but we’ll see what happens.

Besides the obvious themed teams like: “Meow I’m angry.” with 3 cat pets, I’m going to list a few that I’ve come up with here.

Snowshoe Rabbit

Little Fawn

Spawn of the Old Gods:
Disgusting Oozling
Creepy Crate

Now We’re Meta:
Pandaren Monk
Moonkin Hatchling
Winter’s Little Helper

Darkmoon Monkey
Feline Familiar
Ghostly Skull
(get it? It’s a pun. Har har.)


Strand Crawler

Revenge of the Food!:
Sinister Squashling
Plump Turkey
Magical Crawdad

These are just a few I  came up with. I’m really excited to see what others think of when building their battle teams. Obviously most people are going to go with their favorites and there’s nothing wrong with that. Ultimately I view the pet battles as both another source of enjoyment and an outlet for creativity.

As a small aside, I’m looking for more blogs to add to my blogroll. If you have already linked me or would like to be linked, leave a comment!


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