Things WoW Should Have: Flavor

I remember the day they announced weather was going live, I nearly crapped a brick. I’m a huge fan of games like animal crossing, harvest moon, etc. (Insert eyeroll here, but whatever – we like what we like!) so the idea of more immersion just made me so happy.

Then, sometime before Cataclysm, they announced that all shaman were getting their own unique totems. This also made me excited even though I hadn’t played a shaman since before WoTLK. Things like this, the different druid skins, etc. really add a sense of uniqueness to the characters we play. A uniqueness that has been long been lost in the tradeoff of utility and “bring the player not the class.” Not that leveling the playing field is a bad thing, but I’ve found that as the uniqueness we felt from having shaman on the horde and paladins on the alliance, etc. has dwindled (again, nothing wrong with gameplay > specialness) they haven’t exactly made strides in making our characters feel unique in other ways to balance it out.

Transmog and the other small flavor changes were great steps. More customization would be excellent.  To go along with the unique shaman totems, I really think it’s about time they added a unique racial form of ghost wolf as well.

“But that’s such an unnecessary amount of work for something so few will care about. Plus shaman are hardly ever in ghost wolf form anyway!”

Well, “caring” about something is subjective. I remember when the updated druid forms went live, druids would sit in cat/bear form outside of the AH just to flaunt. If people didn’t care about those small aesthetic changes, the druids that got Fandral’s Flamescythe wouldn’t have idled outside the banks. Or the people with Tarecgosa’s rest wouldn’t sit in dragon form outside the AH!

So I thusly propose that all shamanistic races should get their own ghost wolf forms. The basic model for ghost wolf, at the very least, could use a HUGE upgrade. I think adding some simple distinguishing features to a base wolf model like they’ve done with the druid cat forms would be great as well. It’d be nice if, instead of generic horns for tauren, they explored other themes like tribal patterns, feathers, etc. Orc wolves should be much like the worgs/battlewolves they ride, scarred and fierce. And so on and so on.

I think small changes that really bring the unique aspects of characters and their classes would do wonders for this game. Granted you’re always going to have the people who kvetch and cry when someone gets something they don’t, like the class mounts, but in my opinion the people who immediately become unhappy just because someone else gets something that makes them happy probably aren’t the target demographic you want to be shooting for anyway. I think we all remember that kid in elementary school who would go over to people’s birthday parties and start crying because their friend got something they wanted. The difference is that now they’re grown up and have learned how to use social media and the internet.

If someone gets something that makes them happy and it does no harm to you? Try doing this: Be happy for them. Your blood pressure will go down. Apply this across World of Warcraft.

So ultimately there are a lot of small changes I think should go in to improve the overall quality of our characters. Ghost wolf being the first one I chose to blog about. Welcome to corgi island. Population: Corgis.


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